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Mission of the Company is customer satisfaction through highly qualified teamwork and applying the policy of quality assurance for providing services in state-of-art approaches. Highly qualified teams consist of engineers specialized in quality control and assurance entitled "Quality Assurance Team" has been appointed in Construction Operations Department to maintain the highest level of work and customer satisfaction.


Principal Tasks

  • Perceive customer requirements and appropriate preparation of works
  • Apply policy of quality assurance to avert troubles
  • Schedule works and confirming that customer shall be placed first
  • Appoint skillful and trained labor
  • Develop communication network and provide fleet of vehicles to coordinate and accomplish works smoothly
  • Provide tremendous quantities of original spare parts and instruments
  • Approve quality assurance team
  • Pay frequent visits for review

Implementation of project and maintenance services require completing works under controlled conditions in accordance with definite measures and specifications, as well as taking any necessary corrective actions in light of customer feedback and after sale team feedback gradually, and entrust trained and skillful technicians with maintenance services subjecting to submission of technicians to regular and modernized training to acquire the state-of-art technology in the field of construction. In addition to the above, compliance with instructions provided for as ASTM specifications for construction as well as instructions provided by Royal Commission of Saudi Basic Industries Company (SABIC), as such quality assurance team shall be entrusted with working control executed in accordance with specified shop drawings and recovery of the documentary evidences to the manger of quality control program.


Quality system prepared by the company shall be enhanced by international specifications incorporating quality pamphlets, quality plan, inspection plans, procedures, measures, specifications, quality production identification, operations control, corrective and protective actions, handling, storage, handover, training, statistical analysis, follow up and periodic inspection plans, … etc.


Specifications & Measures

Under all circumstances, specifications and measures issued by Saudi ARAMCO or any other International Specifications and Measure shall apply.


American Society for Testing and Materials


American Concrete Institute


American Welding Society


American Water Works Association


American National Standards Institute


American Gas Association


American Institute of Steel Construction


American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials


American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers


Uniform Plumbing Code


Uniform Building Code


Underwriters Laboratories


National Fire Protection Association


National Electrical Code


Saudi Arabian Standards Organization


Mechanical Works Code