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This activity is deemed as one of the most important activities for the company for above forty years. Upon success granted from the Almighty Allah, and trust of our clientele, besides care by officials in the department, it became remarkable supplier on local and international levels. The department, recently, has played remarkable role in marketing several domestic and imported products. The department has several products to satisfy the needs of clients.

Commercial sector includes:

  1. Masonry materials (steel and carpentry)

Steel division is one of the most major divisions at Al Sagheer Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd, (The Company/Al Sagheer Company) established in 1970 with rapid grow to be one of macro corporate all over KSA.

  1. Washing machines

One of the most important divisions in the company, established in 1975 to supply, install and maintain washing machines all over KSA, in addition to parts from MENA as we are a major importer of international brands of washing machines to Saudi Market.

Besides, the division is designated to satisfy the individual needs of clients, along with support and technical expertise of sales team that provide high quality professional service for various clients all over KSA. Moreover, we supervise network of showrooms and stores. The company has very qualified and expert technical support team satisfy covering inclusive package of products, with availability of management office and integrated projects office at Riyadh, and qualified team to support our clients with special suggestions and recommendations for the machines, upon request.

  1. Furniture (Al Mutawasit)

Al Mutawasit Trading Limited Company was established in 1979 as branch of Al Sagheer Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. Scope of work includes import and high quality retail trade. The company has furniture with several models and designs in competitive rates. Showrooms are available at Jeddah and Riyadh with qualified and expert multinational workforce.

Working for 29 years and more provides the company with good reputation in the field of office furniture.

Service includes:

  1. Supply and install of office furniture
  2. Design of office furniture drawings
  3. Furniture drawing and design